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Sunday Music - The Tom Davis Trio

January 19, 2020

Tom Davis, the Coshocton native and Capital University graduate recorded his latest album, HOME, in a studio 3,600 miles from central Ohio.  Davis laid down the tracks five years ago in Scotland while pursuing a master's degree in musicology at the University of Edinburgh.  

But the record's title came later.  "I was in a transition of leaving my Edinburgh home; it had become home", said Davis, 31, who returned to Columbus in January 2014.  "As I was walking down a gangplank to get to the airplane, I saw a big RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) sign with pictures of different scenes around town and a tagline that said 'This is Home'.

With his heart and art rooted in two continents, "It was a very strange sort of feeling."

He has since played the music composed abroad with the help of two central Ohio musicians; bassist Greg Wolfram and drummer Dan DiPiero.  

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