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Barcelona Cookbook

December 1, 2009

     We have had many requests for our cookbook this year (2009). Because so much of our food and menu has changed in the last three years, we felt that a revision was in order rather than a simple re-printing.


     ‘Reflections of Spain’ is a catch phrase (coined by server Paul Marsh) we are using which we feel describes best what we do here at Barcelona. Spain is one of the hottest food spots in the world, and is home to some of the finest, most creative and influential chefs including Ferran Adria and Juan Marie Arzak. We try here at Barcelona to bring some of the Spanish experience to you.


     In this cookbook I look forward to sharing with you some past and present favorites at Barcelona; as well as some of my thoughts about food and the restaurant business. We also will add a new section this time around - the bar!! Ever wonder what goes into our fabulous infusions, cocktails and coffee drinks? Whether or not you have dined at Barcelona (and if not, what are you waiting for!), I hope you will enjoy these recipes and that you will add your own personality to them as well.      



This book is dedicated to our guests.

Your support means everything.

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